Heroes Ultra is a mixed-terrain (trails/dirt roads/asphalt: 15/65/20) ultramarathon tracing the escape route of the 1944 abduction of General Kreipe by British SOE and Cretan resistance forces through the Rethymno region of Crete. The course is certified as 156.2 km long with a cumulative elevation of 5,418 m.

The race sets off from Vosakou Monastery in Mylopotamos, Crete. It finishes at Peristeres Beach in Rodakino, the historical evacuation point for the Kreipe abduction party


The course is clearly marked on race-day for both day and night navigation with eco-friendly paint, high-vis ribbons and ad hoc signs that you will be briefed on in your Athlete Manual and during the pre-race briefing which is to take place on the eve of the race.


Athletes are supported by 9 intermediate aid stations, offering food and water, as well as a number of clearly designated manned and unmanned water stations.

All 9 aid stations serve as intermediate elimination checkpoints. For the full list of aid station/checkpoints with their respective cutoff times, please use our interactive course map below, clicking on the purple pins.


We employ a significant force of trained rescuers/first aiders throughout the course looking out for your well-being. Detailed information on first aid personnel and injury protocols are included in your Athlete Manual and discussed during the pre-race briefing.


A downloadable version of the latest course map (updated: 21-Apr-16) is available in GPX, TCX and KML formats. Please check that you have the latest version, as tweaks to the course may be forthcoming without notice.



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