22nd January 2016

MAF Training Series: 3. Heart Rate Monitor Training

Dr Phil Maffetone has been a pioneer of training with heart rate monitors for optimal aerobic conditioning since the late 70s. In this third part to our exclusive training podcasts, Dr Maffetone examines HR training zones, the importance of proper …

20th January 2016

Heroes Ultra under the auspices of all five Municipalities of Rethymno

We are very glad to confirm the kind support and generous hospitality of all five of Rethymno’s Municipalities to Heroes Ultra 2016.

The Municipalities of Mylopotamos, Anogia, Amari, Rethymno and Ag. Vasilios have taken Heroes Ultra under their auspices, welcoming …

18th December 2015

Spirito Trail named official media sponsor for Italy

Italy’s largest trail running magazine, Spirito Trail, will be the official media sponsor for Heroes Ultra 2016, helping bring Heroes Ultra to the massive and very active Italian trail running community.

Spirito Trail’s team will be travelling to Crete for …

17th December 2015

MAF Training Series: 2. Fat Adaptation

In this second part to our exclusive training podcasts with Dr Phil Maffetone, we take on the important subject of fat adaptation and metabolic efficiency. Want to go longer on fewer carbs and intestinal concerns during racing? Teach your body …

11th December 2015

Participant profile: Scott Seefeldt

When we set out to make an ultramarathon of one of WWII’s boldest military operations, we were hoping the word would reach a military runner or two who may be interested in reliving this remarkable feat in shorts and a …

11th December 2015

MAF Training Series: 1.The Nature of Endurance

In this first video session with Dr Phil Maffetone, we ease into the subject of endurance training with a discussion on the very nature of endurance.

Watch the full 15′ interview on YouTube below, touching on genetics, endurance and age, …

9th December 2015

Endurance guru Phil Maffetone joins Heroes Ultra

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome internationally renowned coach, nutritionist and all-round endurance guru (and very nice guy!), Dr Phil Maffetone, as official training partner of Heroes Ultra 2016.

Phil will be sharing his extensive expertise in human performance with …

6th December 2015

Heroes Ultra 2016: Panos Gonos talks to Advendure.com

In this interview with Takis Tsogkarakis of Greek adventure endurance sports portal Advendure.com, Heroes Ultra director, Panos Gonos, discusses the whys and wherefores of pursuing the establishment of a unique historical ultramarathon in the heart of Crete.


First of

26th November 2015

Christopher McDougall on the Kreipe Abduction

In this amazing talk for Google’s UK staff in London, best-selling author of Born to Run, Christopher McDougall talks about his latest book Natural Born Heroes. In the book, McDougall lends his own characteristically enthusiastic take on the Kreipe abduction

24th November 2015

Advendure announced as official Media Sponsor

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Advendure to Heroes Ultra 2016 as official Media Sponsor.

As the premium adventure endurance portal in Greece, Advendure have served the endurance sports community with news coverage from Greece’s largest races, including …

23rd November 2015

A fine addition to historical Greek long-distance races

When it comes to Greece, great long distance races come steeped in history. From the gruelling Spartathlon to the classic Athens Marathon, there is always a remarkable feat behind the country’s biggest running challenges, and it could be no different …

3rd November 2015

UTMB confirm Heroes Ultra as qualifying race

We are happy to confirm that Heroes Ultra 2016 has been accepted as an official qualifying race for Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB) 2017 and 2018!

Finishers in the inaugural Heroes Ultra race in May 2016 will be earning …

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