It has been a fantastic inaugural edition for Heroes Ultra and a great few months since with plenty of stories from HUC2016 runners hitting the press.

“Tough” seems to be the main theme in most race reports from the 2016 event, with at least one of the athlete/journalists writing for Runner’s World, Tobias Mews, making it over the finish line with everything he had (and a great moment that was for everyone present at the finish line to see Tobias climbing down to Peristeres Beach supported by fellow athlete Eusebio Bochons).

Tobias Mews limping to the finish line with the help of fellow runner Eusebio Bochons


The beauty of the Cretan landscape and overwhelming enthusiasm and hospitality of the local communities also feature heavily in stories from race weekend. In many places along the course, runners were treated to boisterous welcomes, with the aid station team in Patsos (CP6) placing DIY laurel wreaths on athletes arriving to the village in the middle of the night.

Violetta Domaradzka of Polish team Run Vegan! with Mama Maria at Patsos


For those who made it through the gruesome 156 km of the Kreipe abduction course and earned the HUC double finisher dog tags of the race, the feeling of arriving at the abduction monument at Peristeres Beach was one to savour for the rest of their lives.

For those who aspire to follow in their footsteps and those of the 1944 Kreipe abduction team, the stories we have selected below make for essential reading.

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RUNNER’S WORLD: We could be heroes (English)

ULTRA: Just for one day (English) 

SPIRITO TRAIL: Là dove nascono le Leggende (Italian) 

CORRERE: Lungo la strada degli Eroi (Italian) 

ADVENDURE: Εμπρός λοιπόν στους καθημερινούς  ήρωες (Greek)

THEROADTOCHAMONIX.COM: Natural Born Monkey (English) 




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